Terms of Use

This document outlines the legally binding Terms and Conditions that govern your access and use of the services provided by NaughtySugarBaby, available on their website and app. By accessing the materials provided, you are required to read, understand, and accept these terms.

  1. Binding Agreement: - This Agreement forms a legal contract between you, the user, and the website owner, NaughtySugarBaby.com By accessing the site, you agree to abide by these terms and acknowledge the receipt of this agreement. The company grants a conditional, revocable license to access the site, subject to change without notice.
  2. Local Laws Compliance: - The content on the website is intended for adults of legal age (18 or 21 years, depending on jurisdiction). Access is restricted to locations where such content is legally permissible. Underage individuals or those accessing from locations where the content is illegal are prohibited from using the service.
  3. Content Use Restrictions: - The website's content is copyrighted and can only be accessed, viewed, downloaded, or used as specifically authorized by the company. Subscribers are granted a limited license for accessing certain content types. Unauthorized access or use in prohibited areas is strictly forbidden.
  4. Membership Subscriptions and Fees: - Membership involves fees and automatic renewals as detailed on the joining page. Subscription rates may change, and foreign transaction fees may apply. You authorize the company to charge your account for membership and other incurred charges.
  5. ID and Password Security: Upon membership, you'll receive a unique ID and password. This information is confidential and proprietary to the company and must be kept secure. Any breach must be reported immediately.
  6. Credit Card Information Accuracy: - You must maintain accurate credit card information and notify the company of any changes or issues like theft or loss. You are responsible for charges incurred on a lost or stolen card.
  7. Security Breach Protocol: - You are responsible for maintaining the security of your subscription and must report any breaches. You remain liable for unauthorized use until the company is notified.
  8. Indemnification: - You agree to indemnify the company against any claims arising from your agreement breach.
  9. No Warranties: - The service is provided 'as is' without warranties, and the company is not responsible for verifying user-provided information's accuracy.
  10. Limitation of Liability: - The company's liability for damages related to service use is strictly limited.
  11. Termination Procedures: - Details on how to terminate your account and conditions around it, including no refund policies and responsibilities for outstanding charges.
  12. Advertising and Subscriber Communications: - The company doesn't endorse third-party communications and advises discretion.
  13. User Content Responsibility: - You are responsible for your content on the site and must adhere to content guidelines, avoiding prohibited activities.
  14. Arbitration and Class Action Waiver: - Disputes will be settled through arbitration in Broward County, Florida, and users waive rights to class action lawsuits.
  15. Translations and Severability: - The English version of these terms governs the agreement, and unenforceable provisions will be removed without affecting the rest.
  16. Non-Assignment and Agreement Binding: - User rights under this agreement are non-transferable. The agreement is binding to both parties and successors.
  17. Entire Agreement: - This document is the complete agreement between users and the company.
  18. Company Contact Information: - Provided for both U.S. and international entities.

Your use of the website signifies your acceptance of these terms.

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